High School You Vs. Child You: Relationships


Hello Everyone, I uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel showing the differences between middle school verses high school relationships. As we grow up we change and so do our relationships. I thought this was an interesting topic to film. I hope you enjoy the video :)

What To Pack For London In Winter: Travel Essentials


I love going to London. It's one of my favorite cities to explore. I have a lot of family members there, so I often visit London. Today I'm going to share with you my top ten essentials I bring when I'm traveling to London.

1. Warm Coat
2. Rain Boots
3. Umbrella
4. Plug Adapters
5. Copies of passport and Birth certificate 
6. Money
7. Camera
8. Leather Jacket
9. Scarfs
10. Laptop

What I Got For Christmas 2015


Hello everyone, I can't believe Christmas is next week. My parents are traveling this year, so I got my Christmas presents early. And I decided to share with you guys my Christmas gifts for this year. Enjoy!

One of my Christmas gifts this year is a hair straightener. When I lived in LA, I left my hair straightener at my old apartment and I haven't purchased a new one. I went a year without straightening my hair, which is hard, especially because I have curly hair. But I'm so happy I finally got a new hair straightener.

Here are some of my Christmas gifts from Brandy Melville. I just got a couple of the Jada dresses, Caroline cardigan and two baseball hats. 
I received a new bottle of my favorite perfume PINK SUGAR. Smells so good! I recommend it if you like cotton candy smelling perfumes.

Heres my 'What I Got For Christmas' video!

My Favorite Beach Destination: Santa Monica


I love traveling and going on adventures. One of my favorite cities in the world has to be Santa Monica. I used to live in LA a year ago and I miss it! Hopefully moving back soon. I always made sure I went to the beach as often as I could when I lived there. My favorite beach in LA has to be Santa Monica. I love the cleanliness and daytime activities there is. I'm planning on moving back to LA soon. I would love to have an apartment in Santa Monica near the beach. That would be amazing! What are some of your favorite beach cities?

DIY Christmas Gifts For Friends, Family & Boyfriends! Holiday Gift Guides!


Hello :) So the holidays are arriving soon. This is the season for gift giving. So I decided to make a video showing you guys perfect gift ideas for friends, family and even boyfriends. I hope you guys enjoy this video! Happy Holidays :) 

DIY Holiday Treats! Yummy & Easy Christmas Party Treats



Hello :) So the holidays are approaching and I decided to share with you guys some of my favorite holiday treats. These recipes are all easy to make and perfect for Christmas parties. Enjoy :) 

HUGE Holiday Giveaway!!


        Hello, I'm having a huge holiday giveaway for my youtube channel!! You should enter :)

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