11 Amazing Places I Want To Explore Before I Die!


I love traveling. My dream job would be an explore of the world, something you see on travel TV. I get so jealous when I hear my friends traveling to a place I've always wanted to visit. Something about being in an unknown area, surrounded by different cultures and scenery excites me. I can't live somewhere for too long. I get bored and feel trapped, like I can't breathe and need to escape. I decided to share my top eleven travel destinations that I hope to explore before I die. This list is a reminder for me to keep traveling and make long lasting memories.

 1. Kruger National Park Safari, South Africa

2. Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia

 3. Cape Town, South Africa

 4. Maldives Island

 5. Naples, Italy

 6. Zanzibar Island in Tanzania

 7. Alps mountains in Switzerland

 8. Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

 9. Congo Rain Forest in Congo DR

  10. Kauai, Hawaii

11. Sydney, Australia

How To Grow Your Hair Overnight | Fast & Easy


Recently I've noticed that my hair has grown quicker than normal. I change my hair routine often, but because of the positive changes with my hair growth. I'm going to keep this hair routine for a while. My secret to growing long hair is rain water. There's so many benefits of washing your hair with rain water. I notice that my hair is softer and more manageable verses when I wash it with tap water. It's free from harsh chemicals like chlorine since it's soft water, causing less breakage to your hair. Another thing I changed about my hair routine is conditioner. Instead of buying store brought shampoo, I wash my hair with Apple cider vinegar. And for conditioner, I use a quick DIY natural hair mask. It provides moisture in my hair without all the chemicals from most store brought shampoos and conditioners. I also made a hair routine video on my YouTube channel, I'll leave the video down below.

DIY Hair Mask Recipe

1 tablespoon of Coconut oil

1 Egg 

1 tablespoon of honey

Mix it all together in a bowl. Apply it to your hair and leave it in for an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo, and you'll notice a big difference.

                   6 Best Hair Conditioners


My Fitness Routine 2017 | Lose Weight Fast


It's officially a new year, and you know what that means? New year resolutions. My goal for this year is to lose weight and be healthier. I've been going to the gym often and eating a plant based diet. So today I decided to share my fitness routine. I also made a fitness routine video on my Youtube channel, I'll link it down below. Enjoy

Fitness Routine:

  • I work out two times per week

  • 30 minutes of running

  • 20 minutes of Jump rope

  • Weight training my arms and legs for 15 minutes

  • Core and Abs workout for 10 minutes


7 Simple Life Hacks You've Never Seen Before!


If you know me, then you'll know that I love discovering new life hacks. Lately I've learned new hacks and I decided why not share some with my viewers. I also made a life hacks video, I'll post it below, enjoy. 

1. When applying mascara on your lower lashes, place a spoon under your eyes to prevent getting mascara on your under eyes messing up your foundation and concealer. 

2. Add one teaspoon of baking soda when boiling an egg. It'll make the shell come off easily.

3.Wrap a bottle of beverage with wet paper towels, then add lots of salt to speed up the cooling process.

4. Whiten your teeth with brush them with the inside of a banana peel.

5. For a quick DIY speaker, put your phone in an empty cup to help increase the sound.

6. If your friends want to borrow something. Take a picture of them holding the item you've lent them with your phone, so you'll remember.

7. Use tongs to squeeze your lemons. 



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